My Website!

Hello World!

Hello World! My name is Miriam Dulin and I am a 11 year-old coder. I first got my start at about 7 years old with Scratch, a visual-based coding website where you can make games using simple "blocks" of code, which I was introduced to by my dad, a software engineer at ADP. Since then, I have grown my skills, using a useful book on html and css, Headfirst HTML and CSS, and another one on javascript, Javascript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming.

Website 2.0

Some of you might know about my old website from previous viewings:

As you can see, it's changed very much. This update started when I was working on one of the exercises in my html workbook, and I realized that I wasn't using any of the cool html and css elements I had learned about! I decided it was time for an update (and a long overdue one, too). You'll see many new features, including:

Hope you enjoy the new website!