Hello World!!!

Hello World! My name is Miriam and I am a programmer. I am 9 years old and I have created this website so you can play all my awesome games! Pretty much all of the games are programmed in javaScript or Scratch. The scratch games even have a "See Inside" button so you can see the programs that make them up! This website is full of links that you can click to play my games.


One of my games is the well-known game of hangman. I wrote this game based on a book I read called JavaScript for Kids by Nick Morgan. The computer will think of random words, and you will try to guess them. When it is time to guess, type 1 letter into the box. It will then show you your progress. WARNING:This game may not work if you have turned off pop-ups on your computer.

FSM Pasta Drop!

This is an original game that I made. In this game, a flying spaghetti monster (FSM) flies around dropping pasta. You navigate a colander using the right and left arrow keys and try to catch all the pasta. If you miss one, nothing happens! You just keep on playing. Click here to play!

Superman Saves the Day!

In this game, you are superman flying up and down to avoid debris shooting at you. You use the up and down arrow keys to move up and down to dodge debris. Like with the FSM pasta drop, you don't lose lives.

Aaah!!! A Bat!!

This game started when I was trying to think of a game my little brother, Rafi, would like. Rafi likes batman, so I made a game about a bat. In this game, you are a crab running away from a bat trying to eat you. The bat can sense were you are, so that makes it extra challenging.

Dragon Attack!!!

This is another original game, that I made up. In this game, you are a robot trying not to get eaten by a dragon. Navigate the robot using the left and right arrow keys, and the dragon will try to chase you. Play all you want!