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Happy New Year!!!!!!

Pusheen says happy New Year

PS: Special mention to Aahana Dodiya for requesting a pusheen picture : )

(Oops, there goes another one...)

Happy Winter!

Happy Winter everyone!

Ball: Brand New Game by Miriam Dulin

The new website has launched just in time for a brand new game! Ball is a complex, multi-level platform game in which you control a small white ball, and maneuver it through various obstacles. Because it is new, it still has few levels, but we hope to expand until up to 10 levels. Until then, enjoy what we've got!

New Website Launches

The new and improved website is finally here! After lots of hard work, I have finally achieved what you have been waiting for: a new and improved website! As you'll see on our front page, the website has changed quite a lot, and I'm hoping it's for the better. It looks very professional, and I'll bet you probably wouldn't guess it was made by an 11 year-old! It also comes with a certain special update, which you'll see in the following posts...